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Normex History

Everything started over 120 years ago with the "Red Indian Family.".

In 1888, the treatment of herbage was available for the first time to thousands of Canadians. It was across Canada, the largest company in direct service at home for treatment of grass.

In early 1978, flames destroyed the "Red Indian" laboratories in Pointe-Claire, Quebec.

Early 1979, Robert Normandin founded" Les Herbages Normex Ltée ".

Les Herbages Normex Ltée maintained the same philosophy of treatment with herbs as the "Red Indian Family."

The recipies followed and no presentation has been removed since. Otherwise, supplementation is tailored to the needs of the twentieth century by adding certain supplements.

In 2010, more than 910 formulas satisfied herbalists are working within the company.

In 2012, under the direction of Dr. Jean-Luc Bureau, our website was born. Now, our excellent products are available for purchase online. Delivery will be through Canada Post and charges of $ 15. + Taxes for orders less than $ 150 will be charged.

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"Pour relever le défi du DOMAINE DE LA SANTÉ, il faut s'impliquer"

Devenez herboriste phytothérapeute

Enrichissez-vous de la connaissance des plantes et participez au défi et au mieux-être
Que votre but soit:
° une carrière prometteuse
°enrichir votre profession actuelle
°augmenter vos acquis personnels
Ce cours développe une pensée de relation et une approche globale

Les prochains cours auront lieu bientôt dans les régions suivantes:
Saint-Lazare, Rimouski et Québec.
Pour plus de renseignements, laissez-nous vos coordonnées ici
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